Selfless (TAR, 2016)

All of the Men I Have Never Loved (Dancing Girl Press, 2014)

Bruise Factory (NAP, 2014)

Wet Areas (Maverick Duck, 2014)






Nov 14, 2016 :: The School of Life: Poetry Lounge (conversation)

Sep 11, 2016 :: Hares & Hyenas w/ John Beer, Gig Ryan, Bella Li & Omar Sakr (reading)

Augu 7, 2016 :: SELFLESS Launch Party w/ Sarah Jean Grimm, Camonghne Felix & Chelsea Hodson (reading)

Jun 18, 2016 :: EWF (Poetic Practice) w/ Omar Sakr, Adimas Immanuel & Alison Whittaker (panel)

May 21, 2016 :: Wheeler Center w/ Eileen Myles, Autumn Royal & Ella O'Keefe (reading)

Feb 26, 2016 :: She Woke & Rose Launch w/ Autumn Royal, Jo Langdon, Constance Mary, Jessica Says & Geoffrey O'Connor (reading)

Dec 13, 2015 :: Sporting Poets w/ Bella Li & Leah Muddle (reading)

Aug 11, 2015 :: AVANT GAGA #19 w/ Kate Fagan, Louis Armand & Nick Keys (reading)






Bushwick Sweethearts :: ‘Backyard Ocean,’ ‘Apple Fragrance #2’ (forthcoming)

Cathedral Quarterly :: ‘Solecism’ (forthcoming)

LYRA :: ‘Sand Under Nails,’ ‘Fake Flowers Last Forever’ (forthcoming)

Twelfth House :: 5 from ‘Fake Flowers Last Forever

Jellyfish: ‘Creation Myth IV

Sixth Finch :: ‘Mechanisms of Stasis

glitterMOB :: ‘Cacology,’ ‘Pedagogy,’ ‘Prefix,’ ‘Effigy

Prelude :: 2 from ‘Fake Flowers Last Forever

Pith :: 2 from ‘Fake Flowers Last Forever

Word Riot :: 2 from ‘Fake Flowers Last Forever

Alien She Zine :: 3 from ‘Fake Flowers Last Forever

Witch Craft Magazine :: ‘Price (High to Low),’ ‘Boterismo,’ ‘Apologist’ 

Fireflies Zine :: ‘Dry Flowers

Tin House (The Open Bar) :: ‘Absolution’ 

Everyday Genius :: ‘IRL (Summer of Distance)

Shabby Doll House :: ‘Anti Paradise

Voicemail Poems :: ‘Things We Never Saw Coming

Australian Book Review :: ‘Untitled

Southerly :: ‘After Asbury’ 

Bodega :: ‘Waxing/Waning,’ ‘The Passage from Virgin to Bridge’ 

Souvenir Lit :: ‘Indolic,’ ‘X,’ ‘Matanza’ 

The Bohemyth :: ‘Ocean Candle,’ ‘Morning Ritual

H_NGM_N :: ‘In the Galapagos,’ ‘Turbo Plasticity,’ ‘Arrows from Dreamland

The Lifted Brow :: ‘Famine Poem,’ ‘The Impossible III,’ ‘Mirror Stratum

Fanzine :: ‘Summer of Strands,’ ‘Summer of x7’ (collab. poems with Mark Cugini)

Two Serious Ladies :: ‘Wikipedia,’ ‘Mall Poem

Banango Street :: ‘Water Park,’ ‘Bruise Factory

Guernica :: ‘Deaf Sign for Beautiful

The Age :: ‘Ponytail Syndrome

Going Down Swinging :: ‘Burgundy

Twenty Something Press :: ‘Wings of Desire,’ ‘Rejected Elsewhere

NAP :: ‘Summer of Tupac,’ ‘Where This Stream Does Not Reach the Ocean

Sway Press :: ‘Pleasure Beach,’ ‘Ante Up,’ ‘Greyhound, Alabama,’ ‘Milk Poem

Wave Books :: ‘The First Cold Night

Red Room Company :: ‘The Valley

Softblow :: ‘Hip Bones,’ ‘An Ultrasound,’ ‘His Wool,’ ‘The Affair

Otoliths :: ‘After Amelia Earhart,’ ‘Visible Spectrum,’ ‘My Father’s Heart

Gutter Eloquence :: ‘In a Hotel Room, Nashville

Glass :: ‘Honeysuckle

SWAMP :: ‘Dogfight




Fwriction: review :: ‘The Bruise

Capsule :: ‘Wearing One Another




The Lifted Brow :: ‘Crying in a Cinema

Kill Your Darlings :: ‘Subvert Normality: Three of My Favourite Teen Rebellion Films