I am so happy I can tell everyone that, after a long summer wringing our hands and grieving not having deeper pockets to publish twenty chapbooks, TAR has made some great decisions. In 2016, we will be publishing five extraordinary, wonderful writers: Zoe Dzunko, Megan Giddings, Soleil Ho, Mike Lala, and Roberto Montes.

Below are some of my first Submittable comments on each of these writers’s submissions:

Zoe Dzunko: “The Impossible, III” stopped me in my tracks. Wow. I like this collection a lot. This is one of those rare chapbooks that builds energy as you read it, that does not disappoint for its quaking solipsism which serves to interrupt a boring status quo.

Megan Giddings: What. I love this person. This is my favorite fiction submission. The stories are all extremely charming, and not without dry absurdism on one end of the spectrum and refreshing wit on the other. 

Soleil Ho: Long story short—I want to publish this. … These are all excellent essays, each in their own spectacular way. “The Minotaur” made me want to break everything in the room, so that only my body remained intact. 

Mike Lala: I really like a lot of what is happening in this chapbook. It’s crazy dynamic, multimediated, painful, heavy. Rare to read of violence quite like this. I like the hard weight of it.

Roberto Montes: This one is really special. I think it’s rickety on purpose so that it never loses focus. It is relentless that way. I feel its intelligence and its exhaustion for the country, for the country of self, for this weird notion of identity. It’s doing a lot of work and still manages to be understated. 

In short, I am feeling very, very lucky.

feeling awestruck

so grateful for venusofnatalie & everyone at Atlas