'Not That Kind of Bourgeois Woman: A Bourgeois Woman Tells You What She’s “Read”', by Bourgeois Woman


The dust has settled on Mm. Dunham’s débuts littéraires, and the consensus reached by the bourgeoisie petit du monde seems to be that the author is some kind child molester, possibly false-rape accusation statistic, and even a hack. Well don’t worry, darling, it’s nothing Bourgeois Woman hasn’t been accused of in the many decadent years of her life. They’re nought but jealous.

So, Bourgeois Woman read (and very strongly identified with) the text. Here’s what she said about it.

Bourgeois Woman #wokeuplikethis.

In light of Dunham’s “rumoured” advance of $3.7 million, Bourgeois Woman considers how she will spend hers.

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