a couple important things for you to know:

1. Carl Sagan changed my life and turned science into poetry for me when i needed them both so, so badly

2. it’s the anniversary of Sagan’s death today and the universe feels his absence every single minute

3. Zoe Dzunko and Sarah Jean Grimm are amazing space witches that i love so so much and they asked me to be in this special Powder Keg issue dedicated to COSMOS and Carl Sagan and my heart exploded when they asked

4. i’m deeply honored to collaborate with Kelly Schirmann, Joyelle McSweeney, Becca Klaver, Autumn Royal, Jeff Alessandrelli, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Zubair Ahmed, Mike Young, Rich Smith, Natalie Eilbert, John Beer, and Morgan Parker on this 13 poem tribute to each episode of the original COSMOS series

5. this is amazing and i really really hope you check it out, if you love space, if you love poetry, if you love anything ever. i am so so frickin proud of this wow you have no idea my wildest dreams came true today