Captain Kidd Murders William Moore with a Bucket

Yesterday, I probably pissed in that bucket.
Piss is a water and I bet it said I missed you
to the Ocean when I dumped it overboard.
I’m sure my blood is jealous of his blood.
All waters have a memory of their first home.
Blood is a red water and it wets the deck
the same as salt water – stains wood too
but different. Now men on land plan to set water
to motion turning liquid into hot clouds to push
pistons and turn wheels. If men can set one kind
of water to steam then all waters can dance
up and above. This goes for water in dogs
and water in buckets. Naturally, people will want
to become steam and live in the sky with gulls.

Maybe I shouldn’t speak for all people
but I would like to live in the sky with gulls.

- Chadwick Redden